HALF OF ME SERIES BLOG TOUR: Excerpts + Giveaway

I teamed up with other bookstagrammer and reviewers to help Diana Scott promote her third book, Color Me Yours. This is to be released on August 8, 2016.

But before that here are some excerpts from Our Demons, Best Friends (book 1) and Color Me Yours (book 3).

Our Demons, Best Friends

“Monday morning I woke up to find Miles in the kitchen making pancakes and bacon, with the proudest look on his face. I smiled. This boy keeps surprising me. 

“Don’t look at me like that,” he said when he saw me next to the undersized kitchen island. “This is not going to happen every day, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m doing it because today’s special and I wanted to say thanks for letting a guy live with you, I guess.”

“If you say so,” I said as I took a strip of bacon and began chewing on it. Man, the guy can cook. I was still smiling at his innocence. If he thinks he can spoil three girls with limited cooking skills only once and then give up . . . he clearly doesn’t have sisters.

“I won’t!” he insisted after deciphering the thought behind my smile.

“OK. . . ,” I said, grinning while still chewing on the bacon. This time, he didn’t fight me; he just rolled his eyes.

“Oh, my God, Miles! You’re cooking!”

Emily’s voice is really high in the morning. Is that normal?

“I, mmm, love, mmm, you!” She was trying to express gratitude with a mouthful of bacon.

Miles loved the attention, of course. While I was looking at him with my eyebrows slightly elevated, as if to say, You will not only do this again, but you’ll do it because you want to!, he caught my look and with an elevated voice, barely keeping a straight face, he said, “I won’t!”

“OK, calm down, master chef!”

“Paige, come out of your den and see what Miles did!” Em yelled in the direction of Paige’s room. She clearly didn’t have the concept of a quiet morning.

“Is that what I smell?” Paige had her head in the living room in a second. She was wearing pink bunny PJs. Her choice of outfit was actually the only thing that made sense this morning.

“I thought the neighbors were cooking. I was dreaming about knocking on their door and asking to move in.”

She’s funny in the morning. Probably didn’t have the time to go inside her fortress yet.

“This is so nice of you!” Emily turned towards a working Miles. “To offer to cook for the girls who cannot fend for themselves.”

As Miles was slowly turning her way, probably ready to explain how this was a “one-time thing,” I started fake-coughing to hide my laughter. Emily and Paige were both eyeing me, so I had to explain my reaction.

“He’s under the impression this is going to be a one-time thing,” I said.

They both started laughing hysterically and gave poor Miles a kiss on the cheek. He liked the attention, so I didn’t feel too bad for him.”

Color Me Yours

We find the college and the floor we’re supposed to be on just in time. When we get to the second floor, there are six more people waiting outside the classroom, everyone talking in pairs. The teacher opens the door and motions for everyone to come inside.

“Please, take a seat wherever you like,” she says, then goes to the front of the medium-sized room. The place looks like a normal classroom, except the desks are individual, taller and made out of wood, and there is no desk for the teacher. On either side of the room are sculptures, all in different stages of the process. I want to look at them closer, but everyone is already in their seats. Miles silently asks me where should we sit and I choose one desk closer to the windows. He follows me and takes the one next to mine. They’re close enough that we could talk if needed. Or allowed.

“Hello, everyone, and welcome to Introduction to Sculpting!” the teacher begins. “My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Lexi. I’ll be your teacher for the next couple of hours.” Now that I’m here, I’m actually really excited. I’ve always wanted to try something like this. Art, in general, has always interested me.

I turn to Miles and beam at him. He chuckles silently and turns around to pay attention to the teacher speaking.

“Since this is your very first class, we should begin with a small introduction of the objects you all have in front of you.”

I look at the things on my desk and see a big plastic container full of clay and a few instruments by its side. Lexi tells us all about the different types of clay and why she chose this particular oil-based one for our first session, and then she proceeds to explain what the instruments are called and when should we use them. I find it all so extremely interesting, I barely acknowledge the presence of anybody else around me. Except Miles. I steal glances his way whenever I hear something particularly fascinating, trying to gauge his reaction to it all. Is he enjoying this as much as I am?

“Now that you have the basic info, we should get started with the fun part,” Lexi says. She makes us take a blob of clay the size of our fists from the plastic container in front of us and knead it until it’s soft and malleable. Meanwhile, she speaks.

“Let’s talk about the human anatomy for a bit,” she begins.

“Now this part we should be good at,” Miles leans towards me and says, making me laugh.

“We do have an advantage here,” I agree, nodding.

“When I say ‘nose’ or ‘ear,’” Lexi continues, “everyone has an image popping into their heads. There isn’t any doubt we’re all thinking about the same thing, right? But how much attention do we actually pay to these small body parts? Enough to know every detail, every crease? Enough to be able to sculpt it?”

Miles and I, as confident as we were a second ago, look at each other wide-eyed.

“Let’s see. How about we all try to sculpt a nose?” Lexi asks. “I’ll work right by your side.” She takes a seat at one of the desks and starts molding some clay.

“Hmm.” Miles turns my way. “Whose nose should I make?” 

Everyone has started whispering and giggling while trying to sculpt noses, so I don’t feel the need to remain silent, either.

“Your own, probably,” I tell him.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” He gets up from his desk and moves it a few inches closer to mine. Now our elbows are touching. He puts an elbow on his workspace, his head resting on his hand, and stares at me for a good couple of minutes. I try my best to ignore him and mold the clay in front of me in the shape required, but it’s practically impossible with him staring at me like that.

“Stop staring at my nose!” I whisper-shout, making him laugh. “I can’t focus!”

“No, no,” Lexi says, making us both look her way. We didn’t even hear her approaching us. “That’s good. Look at each other; observe the size, the details.”

“See?” Miles says. “The teacher says I can stare at you for as long as I want.” He smirks at me and moves even closer.

This class is doomed to fail, I think to myself.

Diana Scott is having a giveaway on Instagram and Rafflecopter. So here are the mechanics.

For Instagram Giveaway

Instagram GA

You can immediately head over to my account @rose.books or just follow this instead.


  1. Follow @dianascott and me (@rose.books) on Instagram
  2. Repost the picture above with the hashtag #halfofmeblogtourGA
  3. Tag 3 friends on the comment section of my post.

That’s about it. Make sure to follow all three easy steps for you to be qualified.


1st place: A personalized & signed copy of Our Demons, Best Friends + signed bookmark & poster + kindle copies of book 2&3

2nd place: A personalized & signed copy of Our Demons, Best Friends + signed bookmark

3rd place: A personalized & signed copy of Our Demons, Best Friends + signed bookmark

For Rafflecopter Giveaway


Just click the link and follow what is asked for you to do so.

So that’s it. Thank you and have a great day ahead!



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