BOOK REVIEW: Winter’s Bride by Nellie C. Lind


Title: Winter’s Bride

Author: Nellie C. Lind

Format: ebook file

Started: August 07, 2016

Ended: August 15, 2016



The Winter Lord is a man like no other. He rules the world together with the Summer Lady, the Autumn Lord, and the Lady of Spring. That alone says that the Winter Lord is the wrong man to fall in love with, but Dawn loves him anyway.

The last thing Dawn expects is to be placed inside the Winter Lord’s prison because of a minor dispute. When he visits her and asks her to marry him, dawn knows that nothing will ever be the same again. Her entire world is put into a spin, but soon, she realizes that things aren’t as they should be. The Winter Lord is hiding something, and when the truth is revealed, she understands that only one thing can save her life…


This is a passionate and erotic love story for adult readers. It takes place in a magical fantasy world where the Elders rule the seasons.


Hello bibliophiles!

I am back again with another book review.

Just a few months ago I posted a book review on Nellie C. Lind’s book Her Cyborg, now I’ll be doing a review on her other book.

At first, I wasn’t into the story because I find the start a bit slow but as I continued reading, I got hooked into the story right away.

This book is not the typical books I usually read just like the other books I’ve reviewed for the authors. But since I wanted to read their books, I just read it. And because of those books, I now love Fantasy and all sorts of books that involve cyborgs, mythical creatures, and the likes.

Just like what I said earlier, this book is really different for me. It is my first time to read something that involves Winter Lord, Lady of Spring, Summer Lady and Autumn Lord. Although, I’ve watched Tinkerbell, I kind of relate this story to that. But the two are similar in some ways but are different as well. This story is more mature though.

I really enjoy reading this book even though it took me a while to finish it. The plot is amazing and I wasn’t expecting that things would be so difficult for both Dawn and the Winter Lord. I really like Dawn. She’s the kind of person I want to be friends with but somethings she gets a little annoying. It annoys me that she has to involve herself with something she shouldn’t be a part of. But I really admire her dedication to the people she loves.

I really like the Winter Lord as well. As much as his a cold person, literally and metaphorically, he still has a soft spot for Dawn, even though he didn’t notice it earlier. He is really caring, and I love that about him. But what I don’t like is the fact that he has to lie to Dawn that she doesn’t love her and that he doesn’t know what love is, even though right from the start he loves her already. He is manhid, as what Filipinos call guys who are not aware of their true feelings towards someone.

I can’t wait for the next book. I know it would be a totally different story but still.

Great job on both your books Nellie C. Lind!

That’s it! Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!






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