TBR: September 2016

2016-09-06-10.37.43-1.jpg.jpegHello bibliophiles.

I’m late with my monthly TBR. But I’m pushing through with this.

I’m being too ambitious for this month but I’ll do my best. I want to reach my Goodreads Book Challenge before the year ends so that I can extend it and be able to read more books than planned.

So I decided to read 6 books, one of which is a review copy (efile), three of which are rereads, and the remaining two are brand new reads written by Filipino authors.

Dial L For Loser by Lisi Harrison2016-09-06-10.37.44-1.jpg.jpeg

It’s Not Easy Being Mean by Lisi Harrison

Sealed with a Diss by Lisi Harrison

Those are the three books I plan to reread. It would be a short read because I’ve read this before (obviously!). I just need to refresh my mind about the Pretty Committee. I’ve read those books back in Grade 6, so it’s been a long time. Besides I really enjoy those books and reading it would be more fun the second time around.

Under Ground by Alice Rachel

2016-09-06-10.37.54-1.jpg.jpeg I was planning to read this book by October because my physical copy, sent by the author, would arrive by October 5th. But since the author is having a read-along this month, I decided it would be fun to take part with the read along.

This is my current read right now, I am by far enjoying it.

PS. A huge thank you for the author for the copy.

PSS. I’ll be doing a review on this soon enough.

Perfect Haters Part 2 by megladiolus

I’ve read the first part of the book last year, around May, and it took me over a year before I was able to buy the second part. So here it is and I’m excited to read it.

So technically, this story follows two people who are a complete opposite. They hate each 2016-09-06-10.37.45-1.jpg.jpegother and somehow they fell in love, making them the perfect haters, hence the title. (I’ll write a collective review on the two books to elaborate the story more.)

Girlfriend For Hire Part 2 by Yam-Yam28

Just like the book mentioned above, it took me over a year before I was able to grab or buy a copy of the second part of the book. I’ve read the first part last year.

It’s obvious in the title that it’s a book a girl paid to be someone’s girlfriend. But as every romance story goes, they end up falling in love but at some point in their relationship, someone from the guy’s past returns.

So I’m excited to learn the ending of this book. Even though I have the slight idea on how it would end because I watched the movie already.

And yes, this book has a movie. I’ll link the info of the video when I have my review.


And those are the books I intend to read this month. I hope I can do it.I really hope I can make it. If not I’ll have to put them on my TBR list next month and first them first before any other book.

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead! 💕picsart_10-13-12.04.10.png

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