BLOG UPDATE: Book Review; Monthly TBR, Book Haul and Wrap-up; Movie Review; Book Mails; Adventures; and All Those Nice Stuff

Hello there! I am Rosemarie, Rose for short.

I have this blog for roughly four months now, and I haven’t shared you what I’ll be doing with it.

So first of, I’ll be doing BOOK REVIEWS. I’ll write book reviews to some, if not all, of the books I’m going to read.

Notice the word “SOME” earlier?

As much as I want to write book reviews on all the books I’ve read, but I can’t. There are two reasons why I can’t write a review all the time:

FIRST: IF THE COPY OF THE BOOK IS NOT MINE. I can’t really take credit to write a review when I don’t own the book.

SECOND: IF THE COPY I HAVE IS AN EBOOK NOT GIVEN OR SENT TO ME BY THE AUTHOR. I find it rude to do a review on a book I only read as an ebook, especially that I didn’t buy it. Not having much money to buy physical copies of books, I opt to have ebooks. I download it online. So I don’t have the right to actually have the copy, so making a review is a NO, NO.

Of course, I’ll be rating the books. I’ll be using the traditional five star rating (but I’m planning to use hearts soon enough, we’ll see).


(5 stars) I’ll give the book five stars if I really love the plot and the whole plot twist. Also when I enjoy reading it that it makes me want to read the next book (if ever there is any). It’s a five star worthy book if I find really relatable scenes and also when it has so many moral lessons that I can totally use in my messed up life. And the book should have amazing, life changing quotes.


(4 stars) There is something missing in the book or when the book is such a cliff hanger and it doesn’t have second book. I hate that so much. Also, the book is giving me heart attack while reading it; because my OTP sink. I want my OTP or main ship to sail!


(3 stars) I’m giving a book a three star if I find the book weird or not my genre (I love trying out different genres to see which I would love or not). And the book is driving me crazy because the whole plot is complicated and there are unnecessary plot twist or it the plot is too cliché.


(2 stars) I rarely give a book two stars because I know it’s hard to write a book, I know the entire process to writing the book is a pain in the ass. Authors don’t deserve to be bashed. But there are just times that you hate how the story is written or how the characters are so annoying. So the blame isn’t towards the author but towards the character, if that makes any sense to you.


(1 star) Just like what I said earlier, I rarely give out one star to a book. So don’t be shock it most of the rates I give to the books I’ve read are three or four or five stars. I’m just that generous and I really respect the authors for having written and published their books. But if I were to give one star to a book, it would be a book that really annoys me, that includes the characters, the plot, the setting, everything in the book.

(none) I don’t give out zero stars to any book. It’s rude and unfair for anyone to not rate the book they have read.

Aside from book reviews, I’ll be doing MONTHLY TBRs, BOOK HAUL AND WRAP-UP.

I start a month by planning on which book I intend to read for the month. But most of the time, I can’t follow that plan because sometimes I buy or get a book that I badly want to read. That’s why my TBRs are really different from my end of the month wrap-up.

So my monthly end of the month wrap-up contains the books I was able to read for the month. I usually finish around three to five books, depending whether I’m in the mood to read or not, or when it’s an easy and short read.

And on my book hauls, I usually do collective book hauls which usually happens on the end of the month, just before my wrap-up. I’m not rich so the books I usually haul every month depend on the money I save from my allowance per week. I’m a still a student, so I don’t earn any money aside from the allowance given to me. My book hauls isn’t shared to brag or anything. I do book hauls because I find joy in sharing to you the books I acquire for the month.

I seldom go on ADVENTURES because I am still a student and college life is very expensive and demanding of your time. So my adventures right now are limited but I still find time to share them to you. I’m still trying to learn how to blog about adventures or travels because the current two adventures on my blog right now are incomplete (sorry about that). But I still want to share them to you.

Then I do MOVIE REVIEWS from time to time or when I feel like sharing my opinions on the movies I have watched, whether on the theater or just online. The usual movies I like to review are book to movie adaptation. Most of the time, I watch the movie before reading the book or I just don’t read the book at all because I didn’t like the movie or what not. But from now on, I plan to read the book first before I watch the movie.

I also join BLOG TOURS for authors that want readers to join them promote their books and all. I have joined only one at the moment and its fun.

So those are the things that I do on my blog. I hope you get the idea of how my blog runs.

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!





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