AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Alice Rachel + “Losing Ground”

Hello bibliophiles. Today I’ll be sharing an interview with, the author of Under Ground, Alice Rachel.

I sent her 5 questions through Instagram and I was glad she was game with the interview. Here goes.

1 – What/who inspired you to write the story of Thia? And how did you come up with the plot?

I drew inspiration from reality, from events that occurred in the past, mostly.

Many readers have commented on how realistic my dystopian world is. That’s because I didn’t invent anything. I took what already was.

I mostly drew my inspiration from the French Revolution, the Victorian era, and other historical periods.

I don’t come up with a plot. I write all the scenes out of order and then I patch them all together. I am incapable of writing a book in order. I don’t know everything about the very last book either, just the major events.

2 – To whom do you dedicate your story?

Mmmm, I usually don’t have a specific person I dedicate my stories to. The dedication in book 1 is a quote from Chi:

“For you to enjoy

and ponder

If we should let them destroy

while we wander.”

It’s a message to my readers.

3 – How long did you write the first book? And was it hard to write it and then edit afterwards?

It took me two years. The sequel “Standing Ground” also took me two years.

Writing the first draft felt easy, but that’s because I had fooled myself into thinking it was actually good when it was just horrible, ahahah.

Editing was really hard work. I am not a Native speaker so writing, finding the vocabulary, the similes, wasn’t easy. But I’ve gotten much better and I can write faster now.

I do think it will take me two years to complete my last novel of the series too, though.

4 – Who are William, Thia, and Chi in your life? And why are they the people you relate William, Thia and Chi with?

Mmmm, well I am lucky enough not to know anyone like William in person. But I’ve seen men like him in the media. *makes a face*

Thia and Chi are both the most like me. So I would say they are me in real life, ahah.

And Taylor is the most like my husband.

Otherwise, no other character is like anyone I know.

5 – How did you come up with the title? And what’s the story behind it? 

I chose the first title “Under Ground” because of the rebellious group in the series, the Underground. I chose that name in reference to the Underground Railroad during the civil warβ€”rebels who helped people escape a fate they didn’t choose, rebels who helped those people reach the freedom that was rightfully theirs.

“Under Ground” also hints at Thia’s feelings and depression in book one. She has spent her whole life feeling like she was already dead and buried six feet underβ€”a painful feeling I have felt before in my life as well and that many depressed people feel. At the end of the novel, Thia overcomes that and manages to rise above. There is a indirect reference to the title in the last line of the book when Thia finally rises above.

Then, for the rest of the series, I looked for expressions with the word “Ground” that would match the feelings and goals of each book.

Thank you so much for the interview! πŸ™‚ -Alice Rachel

Thank you so much for answering the questions. I’m so glad you are okay with the interview. Hoping to read more of your books and I’m totally excited to receive your book.

So that’s it. Hope you all enjoy the interview.

You should really check out Under Ground. And if you like it, read the short stories Alice have written about Chi and William. Plus if you really like to read more, check out Losing Ground. 

Losing Ground is a short story that you should check out and I know you would totally enjoy it.

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead!





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