BOOK MAIL: 19th September 2016

So last September 19, I got a note from PhilPost informing me that I have a mail waiting for pick-up. So the following day I went to PhilPost right after our classes and claimed my mail. I didn’t which mail I was going to receive but I was excited to know which was it.

When I got the mail, I found out where the mail came from. I was so excited. I’ve been waiting for the mail to arrive since the day the author, John Darryl Winston, informed me that he has mailed it.

I don’t care if it took over two months before I got it. All I care about is the fact that I have it with me right now.

The book is such a beauty. And it’s kinda heavy. For a book to be thin with less than 500 pages to weight like it contains 500 pages is freaking weird but I’m still thankful of it though.

I can’t wait to read it and my huge tbr pile has a new member! Hahahahahahaha

Flipping to the first page was like heaven to me! It was signed! And personalized! What could I ask for?!

This is the very first book that I know which is signed by the author himself! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for signing and personalizing it!Β 2016-09-22-08.53.13-1.jpg.jpeg

Then I found this two bookmarks! If you know me, you would know how much I love bookmarks and how I enjoy collecting them. So to see two bookmarks inside the mail was amazing! New bookmarks for my collection. Yehey! Thank you for the freebies!

So those are the things found inside the parcel. I hope you had fun reading as much as I enjoyed unboxing and writing this.

Thank you and have a great day!




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