By far this is the largest book haul I have this year. I think I should have a book buying ban next month but for sure I won’t be successful with it. Just like what happened last month.
The first two books are written by Filipino authors. Both are given to me by my cousin because she, kind of, ruined two of my books and in replacement, she bought me two new books.



One is book written by my favorite Filipino author, Marcelo Santos III. This is the third book he has published but it’s not a novel. It is more of stories about love, life, and so much more. I am yet to read this book soon.




The next one is a book from my favorite publishing house in the Philippines, Pop Fiction. I love collecting Pop Fiction books. I honestly don’t know the story of this book but I’m excited to dive into the story as soon as I can.



Then the next books are published by foreign authors.



First and foremost is a book written by Sarah J Maas. I am currently reading it. I’m close to finishing it though and so far so good. I really enjoy the story. I’ll be posting a book review soon.





Then I have a book sent to me by an author, all way from United States. I got this review copy because I am curious of the book and I really want to read it as soon as I can. Hopefully I can read it by next month because its semestral break.

Check my unboxing here.


Then we have a book I found in BookSale, my favorite store for affordable books with great quality (well most of it though). I got this in hardback for only Php 80 or less than 2 US dollars. I don’t know much about the book but I kinda see this book on bookstagram and I got curious. So when I found the second book, I just bought it and hopefully be able to find the first and last book.

2016-09-27-07.46.57-1.jpg.jpegThen the last but not the least, is a book I bought during a short trip to Cebu City. I’ve wanted this book since it was released but never had the chance to actually own one. So when I went to Cebu I decided to buy this book instead of Crown of Midnight because I couldn’t find the specific book in the two NBS we went to. But I’m still glad my boyfriend suggested buying it instead. He knows how much I wanted the book. (Disclaimer: I haven’t read any Morgan Matson books but I heard great stuff about this book, that’s why I was so curious.)

So those are the books I hauled for the month of September. It’s not as big as your haul but for me it is. But at least three of the books mentioned are given to me, so I didn’t buy all those books.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

How many books were you able to haul this month? And what books are they, if you don’t mind sharing?


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