I feel ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed, and frustrated with myself this month.

I was too ambitious. I was too excited. I was too prideful.

Who would have thought that I am only able to read to TWO books this month? Who would have thought?

I have created a TBR list for the month but I failed BIG TIME. I thought, I just thought, I could do it. I thought I could actually finish all six books in one month. Who am I kidding?

If you have seen my September TBR, you would know that I planned to read six books but I only read two of the six books.



First, Perfect Haters Part 2. It took me so long to actually finish a small book. Lately I’ve been in a snail pace with my reading.




Then, I finished Under
Ground by Alice Rachel this month as well. It took me so long to finish this book as well. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I guess school has to be blamed for this but school is my top most priority, I can’t just ignore it. So yeah.



If you want to check out what I’ve got to say about the books, I’ve link them down below.

So that’s it. Next month, I won’t be too ambitious.

If you haven’t check out my September Book Haul, check it here.

So, thank you for reading and have a great day!







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Author: wandersbetweenpages

Hi there bibliophiles! I'm Rosemarie and a proud Filipina. I've been into reading since I was in grade school and I started collecting books just recently. The first series that I've read and finished is The Twilight Saga. I started this blog because I want to share my love for books through talking everything I could think of. As of now, I'm still exploring other topics to talk about. I want to write about my adventures but I don't know how to make it look so cool and entertaining. But lemme know what you think about that and I might just try to work that out.

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