BOOK MAIL: 25th October 2016

23rd September 2016. I received a notice from PhilPost that I got a mail. But since that week was a bit hectic, I didn’t pick up my package right away. Until it was our finals week, that I decided to pick it up but forgot that I have to pay 112 pesos before I can get the package.

So, I didn’t get my package until last 25th of October. It was the day that I was finally out the house, because semestral break is 3 weeks long and I am always at home by then.

25th October 2016. I got the package. FINALLY! It’s a long over due.

I even thought that the package was sent back to the sender because it’s already past 30 days. And PhilPost has a policy towards that. But I was so thrilled that it was still there and I finally have the package.


The size of the package is shocking. I first thought it was a bookish candle but then again the bookish candle I was expecting to get was small. But this box is big. Big enough to fit a bunch of books.

So, I’d like to thank Alice Rachel for sending me review copies of her books. I feel so honored be able to read her work of art.


I have already read them on ebooks but I intend to reread the two soon enough. It’s different when you read something on ebook from reading it from the actual physical book.

I have reviews for both books, links below:

Also check out the interview I had with Alice Rachel, here.

Thank you and have a great day!



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