BOOK REVIEW: IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston


Title: IA: Initiate

Author: John Darryl Winston

Publisher: Purple Ash Press

Format: Paperback (review copy)

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction

Started: October 13, 2016

Finished: October 27, 2016



“Naz” Andersen, a recent resident of the notorious Exclave, sees himself as an ordinary thirteen-year-old. But Nas is anything but ordinary. He walks in his sleep. He hears voices, and his only goal in life is to protect his little sister. For three years Naz lived virtually untouched by the harsh realities of his surroundings.

Life as he knows it … will soon change.

Naz has a secret, which he is oblivious to, and for unknown reasons he has become the target of malicious bullying by a nefarious street gang. Now he must face the full force of the world around him, and the only way he can survive is to discover the supernatural world within.

*This review may contain spoilers. If you wish to read the book without getting spoiled, better exit now. And if you wish to get spoiled, then be my guest.


Hello bibliophiles.

2016-09-27-07.46.51-1.jpg.jpegThis copy is sent to me by the author, himself. It took over 2 months before it got to me. But the entire wait was worth it because I enjoyed the story. And I feel so honored to be a part of the IA series.

So first things first, I’d like to thank the author for sending a review copy. And thank you for trusting me to review your book.

My first thought of the book is that it is kind of supernatural, like it is about ghosts and the likes. I was second guessing if I should request for a review copy of not. But I told myself that I should go out of my comfort zone and try to read different genres. I needed that little push because I want to become a successful book blogger.

That aside, the first few parts of the book is a bit boring but it didn’t stop me from continuing the book. It wasn’t because I have to review it but because I want to really venture to different worlds authors have created. As much as I am having a hard time
dealing with fantasy book, because they are a bit difficult to understand, just like what I
said earlier, I want to venture more.
What really motivated me to read this book is the fact that this book is the first book that I have received from an author. Getting through the book was a lot of challenge for me. But once I got to the part where there were voices inside Naz’s mind that I want to find out more. I want to learn why that is happening and what his powers are, if he has one.

“We all have a dark side that we struggle to keep concealed every day. We seek the light, but usually it’s just before being consumed by the darkness. It’s almost like a hero being taken to his limit by a villain. But in the end we always root for the hero.” –Dr. Gwen

That specific line is really striking because of the message it has to offer. I would totally agree to what Dr. Gwen said. It is in fact normal for anyone of us to have that so-called dark side. It cannot be avoided that we think evil things towards other people. It just happens, right?

“It’s not always about right or wrong: sometimes it’s about having a good reason.”

T2016-09-22-08.53.12-1.jpg.jpeghis book has a lot of quotable things. But they are not only quotable but they sure have a meaning behind it all. This part of the story really amazed me. What Naz did just to help out Mr. Tesla was unexpected. I’d never thought that he would steal. But then again he had plans to pay after he had stolen it. But what really amazed me was the fact that Naz was not reprimanded or anything. And in fact he has asked to be a delivery boy for the four Market Merchants. That one was indeed unexpected. I ain’t complaining though. In fact, I enjoy little plot twist here and there. I live for plot twist.

I also like the fact that there are Harry Potter references in the story, especially the part where Ron rode a knight from a human size chest piece. Since I’ve only read Sorcerer’s Stone, I can remember that scene vividly.

“But you are not a Jedi yet.”

Then there is also a Star Wars reference. I love Star Wars so much and when someone includes any Star Wars references, I would fangirl so much.

So thank you Mr. Winston for having those references.

Anyway, I’ll have to end the spoiler review thing-y there. So in general, I love the story so much. I love the little plot twist here and there. I really enjoyed Meri’s personality. I like how she’s really supportive towards Naz, especially during the chest match.

And let just stop for a few seconds and express my dislike towards Miss Tracey. She annoys me a lot. I’m glad she’s not always in the chapters.

On a lighter note, I really like Naz. As much as sometimes, he scares me because of the dreams he has, especially the first dream he had in the story. Pretty much the story is amazing, although, I am excited to read the second book, as soon as I can find one.

So that concludes my epic review.

RATINGS: (4.5 hearts)



Thank you and have a great day!


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