BOOK HAUL: October 2016


Me Before You

I have heard nothing by great things about this book. And I am beyond excited to get started with it. As much as I have seen the movie around five times already, I am still looking forward to read the book. We all know how different the book and movie are. And we all know that the book is usually better than the movie. So I am looking forward to get started with it.



This book is another addition to my growing The Clique series books. I am in search of all The Clique books. So I had to have this book. I only lack Dylan and Alicia in the Summer Collection. I am looking forward to reading it.

As far as I know this book is about Kristen not being able to travel during the summer because of her financial status. She has to work her way into the summer to earn money for the next school year.


Under Ground

Β goodreads-badge-add-38px


Losing Ground


Both books were sent to me by the wonderful author Alice Rachel for an exchange of an honest review. But before I got the books, I was already able to review the books because I had to take part in a read-along the author was hosting. So she sent me some ebook files so I could read-along and answer some questions she throws at us.


Note: check out the review I wrote by clicking on the title of each both. Not all has reviews though.

This is just a short book haul, so I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you!


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