BOOK REVIEW: Under Ground Novellas by Alice Rachel


Title: Under Ground: Chi: A Short Story

Author: Alice Rachel

Publisher: –

Format: Paperback

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Romance

Started: October 29, 2016

Finished: October 29, 2016

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (3.5)



This short story is also part of “Under Ground: Special Edition.” It is part of a series and is not a standalone.

Chi’s short story starts two years before he meets Thia. Back then, he was seventeen years old and the authorities had just irrupted into his house to take his family away.


I wasn’t able to read this right after finishing the first book because I didn’t have the physical copy of the book back then. Now that I have in my hands, I read it. But it took me awhile before I got myself to read it.

I was able to read it during our impromptu getaway to Mabinay, Negros Oriental. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read the next short story. While reading this part of the review, I am about to read the next short story about William.

Upon reading the first page, I was drawn into it. I was really curious as to how Chi views the world in his own perspective. I also want to know a little back story of Chi before he met Thia. It opened my eyes to the whole picture of the story.

I really enjoyed it but somehow I kinda blame Chi for reasons I can’t share because spoilers. But what I can share is that once you have read the first book, you must read the novellas before reading the second book because a lot has happened in the novellas that can really help you with the second book.



Title: Under Ground: William: A Short Story

Author: Alice Rachel

Publisher: –

Format: Paperback

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Started: November 2, 2016

Finished: November 2, 2016

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



This short story is also part of “Under Ground: Special Edition.” It is part of a series and is not a standalone. 

William’s short story starts when he meets Thia for the first time, at age fourteen.

This includes an additional Scene about Dimitri Fox as a prelude to “Standing Ground.”


We all have established that we don’t like William; well in fact some of us hate William. And from the reviews I read on Goodreads, a lot has expressed how much they hate William even more. I totally understand them, and in fact I hate William even more after reading the short story.

But in this review, I won’t talk about how much I hate William. I’ll be talking about the fact that there was a chance for William to be a better person. I saw it while reading this side of the story. I was hoping that somehow he would turn out to be a good person, someone who’s tired of being pushed by his parents. I was expecting for him to change somehow but too bad he didn’t. Although he kinda helped the Underground towards the end of the short story. But it sucks that he did it just to take revenge on his father. He didn’t really help just for the sake of helping but because he has to make his father pay for not telling him everything he needed to know. And for sure, he still has this desire to kill Chi and focus on Thia to be with him, even though Thia doesn’t like it.

So, this is the part of the review, that I will talk about how much I hate William. Bwahahahaha. So, I really hate William, if I didn’t say that enough yet. I hate his logic. I hate the fact that he is such a possessive person. I know a lot of people would want a possessive “boyfriend”, but we all know that sooner or later, time will come that we would get tired of that kind of possessiveness. I also hate how he treats his mother. I know that his mother has wronged him, one way or another, but he has to at least respect her because after all, she is his mother. So yeah, I just hate William in all possible ways.

Thank you for reading and I hope I didn’t spoil you. I know you would already know about this because this is already a part of the first book but in a different perspective.


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