BLOG UPDATE: New Rating System

Hello beautiful people!

Today’s post is about how I’m going to change my rating system or let’s just say updating it. I find my way of rating a little inaccurate. It seems that giving just 3 or 4 or 5 stars to the book is not enough, even though I blat out reasons why I gave it that rating. I think it would be best if give out categories and the equivalent score to it.

I saw a lot of book bloggers have that same rating but I decided to just improve it or have little changes to it.

There’s going to be 5 major components on how I’ll be rating a book.

Here is the breakdown:

PLOT                                                     30 pts
CHARACTERS                                               25 pts
     (Main Characters         15 pts)
     (Side Characters         10 pts)
WORLD BUIDLING                                           15 pts
IMPACT/FEELS                                             15 pts
WRITING STYLE                                            15 pts
TOTAL:                                                  100 pts

PLOT. Obviously, this would include the plot. But my main agenda with this is the fact that the whole plot is in place. There are no unnecessary add-ons or what not. It doesn’t have to be flawless, but I want to enjoy the plot. I want to see how well the plot is put into paper by the author. I want to see plot twist because I live for plot twist. I want to see diverse plot

CHARACTERS. This going to be divided into two divisions. 65% of the points would be for the main characters. I want to see a character development for the main character. I want them to learn lessons they should learn. I want them to become a better person than how the book started or go down more because of life crisis. Then 35% of the points would be for the side characters. I want to see how the side characters help out in building the conflict to the climax then to the resolution. I want to see how they can help the main characters in their own little way.

WORLD BUILDING. I separated this with the plot. World building is very difficult for authors. And I also find it hard as well. So, I want to discuss how the world building is done by the author. I admire authors that are able to make us, readers, see what the author wants us to see/imagine as well. It is very important that we understand the world we are about to enter.

IMPACT/FEELS. This part of my rating is about the impact of the book to me and also the feels I get from the book. I want to get all the feels while reading the book. I also want to get lessons while reading. Might as well add the fact that I want to find quotable quotes.

WRITING STYLE. An author’s writing style is very important for me. I really enjoy authors that have unique style of writing.



81-100 pts = ★★★★★

61-80 pts = ★★★★

41-60 pts = ★★★

21-40 pts = ★★

1-20 pts = ★

So, that’s how I’ll be rating the books I’ll review from this point on.

Thank you and have great day!


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