BOOK MAIL: 3rd December 2016

I got a book mail!

I bought two books last month from an Instagram Online book seller. It took over a week before it arrived here (it arrived on a Saturday). It used to be here by Monday or Tuesday. But since it is the Christmas season, it is expected to have delays.

But nonetheless, I am still happy that I received it.

Before I reveal the books, you can visit the seller here, @me.myself.and_books.

The first book is The Clique, the first book in The Clique Series. I’ve been looking for a copy of this book ever since I got the 6th book back in 2010. I was so glad I found a copy from a IG seller. It only cost me less than 1 USD, or simply Php 35.


Then the second book, which is also a part of The Clique series, is Revenge of the Wannabes. I used to have this but someone borrowed it and never returned to me. And since I want to complete the whole series, I just had to buy this as well. I also got this for Php 35 or less than 1 USD.2016-12-08-06.35.04-1.jpg.jpeg

Those are the books I bought. I thought that was it, but then I saw a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child bookmark inside the package. I was so thrilled that it was there! I know I’ve only read 1 HP book so I don’t really have the right to be excited about it and all. But what can I do, I was shocked and beyond happy to have a Cursed Child bookmark.


So, those are the only thing inside the package I got last 3rd of December. 2016-12-05-07.46.51-1.jpg.jpegI got another package last December 5th and I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

Thank you and have a great day!


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