​BOOK MAIL: December 05, 2016


If you have followed my bookstagram, you would know how I woke up one morning having something hit my face.

It was around 7 in the morning when I was awaken by something landing on my face. Apparently, my brother received a mail from PhilPost (our country’s postal service) for me. Being a loving brother (note the sarcasm), he threw the mail to a sleeping me.

But I wasn’t mad at him. Why would I? I got an unexpected mail. We all know that book mails are the best kind of mails in the world. Plus I didn’t pay for tax!



It the package was kinda weird when I try to guess what’s inside it. For it wasn’t a book because I wasn’t expecting a book from the author to arrive without me paying tax. And it’s just weird to have a book inside it because the package was too small and too weird in shape.

So without second guessing, I opened the beautiful book mail, carefully. I hate tearing a good looking package.


And I found loads and loads of cards. They were a lot. I wasn’t expecting to get that many cards from the author.
[Oh, I forgot to mention that this mail was from Alice Rachel, the author of Under Ground, (United States). Check out my thoughts on her book, here.]

I had to look at every card carefully and closely. They are all drawn and made by the author, herself. And I was so happy to see that every single card was signed by her. It might have took her a lot of time, ink and a broken  wrist  (just kidding about it) after signing it all. But seriously, it’s time consuming but I salute her for doing so. Thank you Alice!!!


And oh, I got a special message from Stephen, my fictional crush! And Chi had a special appearance too. It made the message a little bit cute and a whole lot of fun. It’s the best thing I got from a fictional character.

Those are the things that was inside the cute mail. I got another book mail blog post coming up soon. It is contains another mail from Alice!

A huge THANK YOU to Alice Rachel for the amazing cards! I can’t wait for the second book to arrive!

And thank you for sparing a few seconds of your time to read this. Have a great day and may your bookmark never get lost.


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