BOOK MAIL: Picked up two packages from PhilPost (Dec. 9, 2016)

Hello there bibliobears! (I’ll start calling my readers, IG followers and Twitter followers BiblioBears! I’ll explain that on my next blog post or bookstagram post)


This time I got TWO!


Which one to open first? Hmmm…


Let’s open the one from Society6. This is my first time to get a mail/package from Society6. I already know what this is because Alice Rachel, author of Under Ground, have asked me to choose an art print from her Society6 shop.


It was a hard decision to make because all her designs were pretty but I picked the one of Chi and Thia. They are the main prottagonist in the book and I find the design really cute. And it’s drawn by Alice, herself. It’s amazing. She’s such an amazing author and an artist. Thank you for this Alice!!! You’re the best!

Next up!


Let’s open this big package. This is from Alane Adams. By just feeling the package, I know it contains books.

The first one is The Red Sun. This is the first book in her Legends of Orkney series. I don’t know much about this book but I am excited to get into it soon.


The blurb on the cover says,

“Percy Jackson meets Norse mythology…”

I haven’t read PJO but I know it’s an awesome book. So it would be cool to read something around that story.


The second book is Kalifus Rising. This is the second book.


I would love to binge read this two, since I have the two books already. Hopefully after I review this current book I am reading.

But wait! There’s more!

Inside the package are some bookish merch related to the books. First are four art prints.


Then three The Red Sun bookmarks.


They look so pretty all together. I totally can’t wait to read the books!


Thank you to both authors for sending these amazing things. You are both amazing! Thank you!

And thank you for sparing a few seconds of your time to read this. Have a great day and may your bookmark never get lost.


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