Hello there BiblioBears!!! Sorry for being inactive for the holiday. With that, I have a Christmas book haul for you.

This month would probably be my largest book haul month, that’s why I decided to divide the haul. I’ll be having my usually monthly book haul by the 31st. So this post would cover only the books I got from 23-26 of December and a book that was given to me by my boyfriend in advance.


Let’s start the book haul with the books I picked from PhilPost last December 23rd. I got two packages. It was from the United States, both from authors.

Those are the second installment to the authors books that I got just a few months ago.

These are the books that I got from the authors.

  • Standing Ground by Alice Rachel
  • Holding Ground by Alice Rachel
  • IA: Boss by John Winston

I got a review of the first books here:

I am so excited to read them by next year. It seems that I won’t be able to read them by the end of the year because I’m such a slow reader. So those books would be on top of my TBR list.


Enough of those books. Let’s go with the books I got from the people I love. First is from my mother and father.

They might have given me only one book, but I am still happy because I have been wanting this book for so long now. And I am beyond happy to finally have it on my hands.


The next and finally book is from my boyfriend, Francis. He got me The Assassin’s Blade. He gave it to me in advance, way before Christmas day/our Anniversary. Now I have to get the remaining books in the series next year, before the last book is out.


So those are the books I got during Christmas. I am thankful for everyone in my life.

Did you get books on Christmas or any holiday you’re celebrating?

Thank you for reading, bibliobears and have a great day. May you never lose your precious bookmarks while reading.


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