2016 Favorites

Before the year ends let’s recap to the books I was able to finish this year. Let’s talk about the books I’ve read, the books I bought and my favorite reads of the year.

I am a bit late in posting this, but at least I did, right?

This year was the year that I resumed reading and collecting books. I have read 37 books in the year. I joined the GoodReads reading challenge just around June, which explains the number of books I was able to read.

I will share my 10 favorite reads of 2016.

Note: The numbering doesn’t mean I hate the book. I just want to number it for me to easily know how many books I have on my favorite list.

#1 THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Mass – I am quite behind the bandwagon but I am  proud to say that I got to read this book before the series ends. I didn’t expect to love this book because the genre is not my cup of tea. I’ll get to the next books before the release of the sixth book.

#2 THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass – I was able to read this book around 2013. So this year, I reread this book for the sake of missing it. I loved it then, and I love it now. It’s the first book that opened the doors to foreign books after being consumed by Filipino authored books.

#3 ME BEFORE YOU by Jojo Moyes – I wanted to read this book before watching the movie but somehow failed doing so. I loved the movie but once I was able to read the book, I loved the book more than the movie, which should be the case for every book to movie adaptation. Though I really love the actors who portrayed as Will and Lou. I really enjoyed reading the book and I felt a lot of things. I cried, I laughed and fell in love with what Lou and Will had.

#4 THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING by Morgan Matson – This book has been on my to buy list ever since it was released this year. I really wanted to read this because it covers three major aspects, family, friends and love life, in life. It is rare for a book to have all three aspects in one. I really enjoyed reading it that it made me read it until 2 in the morning.

#5 TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han – I’ve been eyeing this book since it was released because of it’s catchy title. And it was only this year that I got to read it and the second book. I really enjoyed the books but the first book is my favorite among the two. The plot and characters made me love the book even more. I can’t wait to read the end of the trilogy, which would be out on April 4th.

#6 UNDER GROUND by Alice Rachel – This is the book that I didn’t know existed until I saw a bookstagrammer reviewing it. So, I requested the author for a review copy and she agreed to send me copies. The moment I got it I read it and I loved it so much. I am looking forward to read the second book.

#7 BEST FRIENDS FOR NEVER  by Lisi Harrison – Among The Clique books I read last year, this book is my favorite. I really enjoyed it despite the conflict between the Pretty Committee.

#8 THE ONE by Kiera Cass – I enjoyed this book because a lot of things had happened and the fact that my OTP sailed! Yey! I am looking forward to reading the next installment of this series.

#9 THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE by Sarah J. Maas – This book really helped me in understand Celaena. She’s bad-ass but has a soft side for Sam. She’s really one hell of an annoying character but I love her nonetheless. The things she suffered was intense for a young girl like her. She deserves to live a life out from the live she had in Endovier.

#10 HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE by J.K. Rowling – Hate for reading Harry Potter so late but I don’t care. I just started the series last year but never got the chance to continue because I don’t have a copy of the books. But at least I’ve started. Definitely a favorite read for last year.

Those are the books that I loved last year. There are more but I decided to just have 10 because I am so behind with this post.

What books are a part of your favorites last year?

Thank you for reading and may you never lose your bookmarks while reading.


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