December Wrap-Up and January TBR

Hello there BibilioBears! Today I’ll be sharing my December reads and my January TBR. Let’s get to it right away.


Last December I’ve only read three books and lemme tell you, the other one is not even a book. I am disappointed with myself but at least I was able to read some books during the holidays. I was so ambitious with my December TBR but failed greatly.

*you can check out my thoughts on those books mentioned by clicking the title.



This year, I am going to start it with a very ambitious TBR list.

Here is my January (my birth month) TBR:

  • THE CLIQUE by Lisi Harrison
  • STANDING GROUND by Alice Rachel
  • THE RED SUN by Alane Adams
  • CROSSED by Ally Condie
  • THE HEIR by Kiera Cass

The 4th book mentioned has been on my tbr list for so long. I’v started it last last month but never got the chance to finish it, which is such as shame for me. But I’ll do my very best to finish it this month, wish me luck.

And I wish I can meet my goal of reading all those mentioned and maybe, just maybe, be able to read a couple more.

So that’s about it. I know it’s short but I’m not really in the mood to say anything more. I just want this up already.

Thank you for reading and may you never lose your bookmark while reading.


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Author: wandersbetweenpages

Hi there bibliophiles! I'm Rosemarie and a proud Filipina. I've been into reading since I was in grade school and I started collecting books just recently. The first series that I've read and finished is The Twilight Saga. I started this blog because I want to share my love for books through talking everything I could think of. As of now, I'm still exploring other topics to talk about. I want to write about my adventures but I don't know how to make it look so cool and entertaining. But lemme know what you think about that and I might just try to work that out.

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