GoodReads Reading Challenge 2016

Hello there! I know it’s a bit late for me to share to you the books I was able to read for the year 2016.

I started my GoodReads Reading Challenge by the end of June 2016. My goal at first was to read just 20 books before the year ends but later on I decided to make 30 books. But towards the end of October, I decided to increase it to 40 because I was I book away from reading 30 books. And because of that decision I wasn’t able to reach my goal. I was only able to read 38 books. (But my GoodReads account doesn’t show that because I individually added the novellas of ToG and also added the bind-up copy, The Assassin’s Blade.)


See that? Don’t believe that number! I have only read 38 books. It’s great to know that I was able to read 9773 pages. I am so proud of myself for achieving such milestone in my reading journey.



Here are the books I read in 2016.



There you can see all the books I was able to read over the year. It was a great year for reading books.

This year I have a goal of 50 books. I hope I can make it and be able to surpass it if I can.

I’ll let you know some of my progress on my goodreads account and bookstagram account.



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