BOOK REVIEW: Akio’s Short Story by Alice Rachel

Hello there bibliophile! Here is a book review that has been on the waiting list to be posted. I hope you enjoy it.


Title: Standing Ground Akio’s Short Story

Author: Alice Rachel

Publisher: Self-Publish

Format: Paperback (review copy)

*short story included in the Standing Ground book*

Genre: Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult, Teen Fiction, Forbidden Romance

Reading Period: January 24, 2017




When the Deviance Act is passed, Akio’s life changes for the worst. Forced to hide his orientation in order to survive, and betrayed by the one person he truly cared about. Akio finds himself running for his life. But sometimes, fate works in mysterious ways. This time, maybe fate means to open the door to a greater destiny.



*review copy sent by the author in exchange for an honest review*

I really love reading the short stories included in the books of Alice Rachel. I was so excited to get to know the characters even more. I love that these short stories tackles the lives of the characters before they are a part of the rebellion and how they got into the rebellion.

The short story was easy to go through, especially if you are used to the world already. You won’t have troubles in understanding how things work in the society they live in. I was having mixed emotions while I was reading the short story. I never expected that Akio went through so much before he became a part of the Under Ground.

Here is a non-spoiler but straight to the point review I have posted on GoodReads for the book.

Why is it so heartbreaking?!

Can’t the characters have a happy past? Why give them a heartbreaking past? It was too painful to read the story of Akio. It breaks my heart so much. I can’t believe that Akio went through those things. He deserves to be treated fairly. I hate the society they are in. it sucks that gays are discriminated. They should be respected because they are human. They have feels just the same as us.

In line with that short review of mine, I would like to add a few more things to that.

Why is there gender discrimination in this world? Why can’t we all live our lives without hating or discriminating someone that you think doesn’t belong in the community?

Why hate, when we can all love?

I may not have gay friends but I respect every gay person out there. Why can’t other do that? It’s not about the religion or what not. I know that some would say that God created us and He has only created men and women. I believe that but we can’t do anything when a boy wants to be a girl or vice versa. Okay, I won’t talk further in that topic.

My point here is we should just accept it and respect them. And come to think of it, it’s their life not yours. You can’t control or you’re not responsible of what they want to do with their lives. All we have to do is accept and respect.

I admire the author for touching this sensitive issue present in our society now.

I know this review is no longer about the story but please bear with me. I’ll get to the story soon.

So enough of that, let’s go back to the actual story.


Akio has gone through a huge problem since. He is constantly bullied in school for being gay. His father didn’t know his sexuality. Then he fell in love with a guy and then got caught in the act of making love. Then his father called the authority and reports him for being GAY!

I was glad that Akio was able to escape before the authorities could capture him. I was glad there was one house that has their front door unlocked. I was glad that the house owners were a part of the Under Ground.

I hate the fact that Akio’s former love interest betrayed him when he was the only person who understands him back then. But I’m glad Akio met a lot of people who are accepts, understands and respects his sexuality.

Was that spoiler-y enough? I hope so.





Thank you for reading and may you never lose your bookmark while reading. Bye!


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