BOOK REVIEW: “Holding Ground: Stephen’s Short Story 2” by Alice Rachel

Hello there beautiful people!!

It’s been awhile since my last book review. So here I am again to share to you some of my thoughts on another work of author, Alice Rachel.

This is going to be a spoiler filled review. I have warned you ahead of time. So please, refrain from continuing if you haven’t read any of Alice Rachel’s books or have read this particular book. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!!!

Title: Holding Ground: Stephen’s Short Story 2
Author: Alice Rachel
Format: Paperback (review copy)
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Romance, Forbidden Love
Reading Period: February 10-28 2017


(This is your last chance to back up. If you haven’t read any book from this series, you better not continue with this!)

First things first, I want to thank Alice Rachel for sending her books my way. You’re such an amazing person and author.

I was hesitant to read this novella. I was afraid of learning awful happenings about Stephen in the past. It already sucks to know that other characters went through horrible past.

But I read it anyway. I was determined to read all of Ms. Alice’s works and I badly want to review all of it, as well.

So Stephen Richards, I love his character. As much as he is somewhat mean and selfish in the first book, in this novella you would learn so much about him. You would be able to get deeper into his past life and how he sacrificed his own life for dear little Chi. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Chi. I just hate the fact that he is so blinded by the lie their parents told him).

This book has two different time zones. First is Stephen’s past, before they were captured by the authorities. And the other one is older version Stephen. The time he was captured and tortured to give up Chi’s location. And in doing so, he had to go life threatening torture you would imagine.

I hate that scene. I sucks that Stephen has to suffer because he’s parents are protecting Chi and just letting Stephen suffer. They are such awful parents. I’m glad they died! (Sorry, not sorry).

I also hate the fact that Stephen was the reason why Willow died. His parents didn’t tell him the true location of Chi but instead gave him Willow’s location. And with that, Willow got killed.

I know what you’re saying. I know, I know. I hate Willow, yes! But it pains me knowing Stephen is suffering physically and emotionally ever since he knew that Willow is gone. She was his love of his life. (But I’m glad he met Tina.)

I’m glad Tina isn’t what we think she is. She is a good person. She was just framed by someone (I forgot his name).

But what shocked me the most in the book is the fact that Stephen agreed with Fox’s plans. after all the things he had suffered and sacrificed for Chi, he is willing to do it all over again. Chi won’t even believe a single word he says and yet he still risk his life for his brother. I know blood is thinker than water. It’s annoying if you ask me.

The story is writing well. I salute the author for a job well done. I am certainly looking forward on reading more of her books, especially getting copies of the new covers of UG and LG!

Thank you for reading and may you never lose your bookmark while reading. Bye!



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