​BOOK REVIEW: “Holding Ground: Chi’s Short Story 2” by Alice Rachel

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Here is another book review.

Title: Holding Ground: Chi’s Short Story 2

Author: Alice Rachel

Format: Paperback (review copy)

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Forbidden Love, Romnce

Reading Period: February 28 – March 1, 2017



The day Chi’s twin brother Stephen almost died from the West Nile virus was the day their relationship started to worsen. Unable to understand what could have caused such a change in Stephen’s behavior, Chi is forced to fight to try and bring back the brother he used to know. But is their relationship truly damaged beyond repair, or can Chi hope that his brother might still care about him somehow? ​


(This is going to be a really short review. I just this out before I’m too late.)

Chi is a character that I have a love-hate feelings with. I love them for being such a sweethear. He’s caring personality is really one of a kind. But there are day in which I hate him (not the hate hate him kind of thing, I hope I’m making sense here). I dislike his attitude towards Stephen. I wish he knew the struggles Stephen went through just to protect him. But Chi can’t seem to see that.

It also sucks that Chi is the most favorite child among the two of them. Chi is always the first priority in the household. Chi has to stay hidden and safe. But Stephen isn’t.

It disturbs me knowing Stephen is being maltreated by his father and Chi didn’t know it. Their mother even blames Stephen for ruining their family.

Chi is so blinding by everything that has been happening in their household.

Why can’t he see through thr lies of their parents? Why can’t Chi listen to Stephen for once? Why can’t he let himself see the truth in Stephen’s words? Why doesn’t he have to see the bad in Stephen and the good in their parents?

Those are questions I’ve been asking myself since reading Chi’s first short story. It has never been answered and I want it to be answered someday.

So that ends my little review and I hope that got you interested in reading the entire series. Or if you’ve already read the series, let’s share some more thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for reading and may you never lose your bookmark while reading. Bye!



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