MOVIE REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Hello there readers!!! It’s been a while since I last posted anything here. I have a lot of excuses but this is not the time for that. Right now, I’ll be sharing to you my thoughts on the new movie of Beauty and the Beast.

I expect that most of you have seen the movie by now. It’s been two weeks since it premiered. So, if you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend that you click out from this post.

My initial thoughts on this movie that it wouldn’t compare to the original movie. I love the original movie so much that it scares me that it’s going to have a live action adaptation. But I’m glad the adaptation nailed it and even fixed the loopholes of the original. That’s a great point for the live action right there.

My firsy impression aside, upon knowing that Emma Watson was playing Belle, I got excited and thought that it would be a great movie. Emma did an amazing job as Belle. I just wished Disney trusted Emma’s voice more. But I guess they did it to save the movie and not ruin it. We all know the songs made the movie memorable. So it would suck if the songs weren’t performed well.

There are a lot of amazing feedbacks on this movie. But for once, let’s talk about some negative issues (This is based on my own observation and judgement):

1. The Beast looks like a goat! I was expecting to see a good looking but super scary beast. But I guess Disney didn’t went with the scary looking beast. I watch an interview were they explained why the beast looks more human than a beast. They explained that they have to let the facial expression of the Beast. They have tried having the same beast as the original movie but the expression on his face isn’t visible. So they decided to went with what we see right now.

2. Lumiere’s accent is too trying hard. I hated that the voice actor is trying to hard to get the perfect French accent. I feel so annoyed while listening to him, but oh well, at least he did a great job in the singing part.

3. Chip’s voice sounded to mature. The voice actor is too mature for my liking. I got used to listening to a cute little boy voice. Maybe that’s it.

Those are the kinda negative issue. Now for the positive points:

1. Luke Evans was phenomenal as Gaston. Instead of hating Gaston, I am loving him and his proud, vain, arrogant and romantic self. As much as Gaston is the villain in the movie, it seems that he wasn’t. He brought Gaston to life in this amazing acting skills and okay singing voice.

2. Emma Watson is the right person to play as Belle. I love the fact that she did her absolute best to be Belle. She did an amazing job from start to end. She made me love Belle even more. 

3. The live action adaptation fixed previous mistakes of the original movie. There were a handful of plot holes in the original movie. From the moment the movie started, you’ll notice that the prince was kinda alone in the castle and that he opened the door on his own. That alone would leave you with confusion. I’m glad they were able to fix it, without ruining the whole story.

4. The new songs added to the movie. We got used to the jolly music of the original movie. The new songs added to the movie gave a new meaning to the mood of the story. Aside from feeling giddy, you’ll feel sorrow and pain as we learn the past of both Belle and the Beast.My favorite song at the moment is Evermore.

5. New characters. It’s amazing to know that they added new characters into the story. It didn’t ruin the flow of the story but it added more dept into the story. It made the story even more interesting than it used to be.They didn’t only appeared once or twice but they have specific rules that can be connected to the main characters of the movie.

6. Diversity of the characters. Every day we hear issues about the LGBT community. It’s great that they have added diversity into the story. They have highlighted the LGBT characters, making the whole story different and amazing that the original.

All of those are my thoughts on the whole movie. I hope you enjoyed that and I hope you get what I’m trying to say here.

Thank you and may you never lose your bookmark while reading.

• W O N D E R S B E T W E E N P A G E S •


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