BOOK MAIL: Review Copies from Authors

Hello bibliophiles, I’ll be sharing you the books I received last week from the authors. I got 2 packages, both filled with books!


First is a package from Alice Rachel. You might have heard of her a lot of times here on my blog. She has previously sent me her books and some precious goodies. This package contains more of her books.

  • Under Ground in it’s new cover!
  • Losing Ground in it’s new cover too!
  • Terrence: A Short Story a companion to the rest of the books.
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books from Ms. Alice Rachel

I was so excited to receive these books because it has been a month since she sent it. And the wait was killing me. If you want to know more about the first two books, check out my review on Under Ground and Losing Ground.

Second package is from Evelyne Contant. She sent me her price possession book. Enchantment: Moonlight is the first book to the series.

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Book from Ms. Evelyne Contant

I was dying to get this book ever since she accepted my request. I’m so excited to read it, soon.

Although I got this copies for free and in change for an honest review, I still had to pay for the storage fee. I paid β‚±112 per package. It sucks but then again, it was all worth it. Paying a small price is nothing compared to having the amazing books.

Those are the books I received from the authors and I love them so much!


I have a part two for this, because just recently a packages was sent to me from the post office, without payment! So, stay tuned to that.


Thank you for reading and I hope it made you want to read those books. Until next time.

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