BOOK MAIL: Another Packages Filled with Goodies

Two additional packages arrive a few days later. Each package contains a book. But the other one contained so much more.

Let’s start with the package with just the book in it. 

I requested a review copy for author J.M. Robson regarding her book entitled Three Little Words.

I requested it at the end of May and it arrived two weeks later. That’s a first. Usually the packages would take months before it would arrive. But I guess the change of personnel in charge made things a little faster.

So about that book, this book is about something thrilling and creepy. And this probably would be the first book I’ll be reading that is horror. There’s always a first time for everything, right?

The next packages is from Ms. Alane Adams. She sent me her new release books The Raven God together with a lot of goodies! There are like 5 goodies in it. 

  • An art print
  • Notepad

  • Bookmarks

  • Book Club Journal


  • 2 ball pens (one of which arrived broken!)

    Then of course the gorgeous book, The Raven God.

    Now that I have the third book, I can now binge read all three books!!! I’ll get to it next month, maybe.

    That’s it folks. That’s all the packages I received for now.

    Keep an eye open for more mails in the coming months!

    Thank you and have a great day. Please do check out those books when you have the time.

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