Hey! Rose here.

I’m a newbie to this blogging community. I don’t know how this thing works right now.

Anyway, I’m currently a Sophomore student taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. I’m nineteen, turning twen-teen next year.

My love for books started back when I was in Grade 6, where I was able to purchase my first book. Then I had to stop reading any sort of books because I had to focus on my studies. But when I reached 3rd year High School, I embrace reading again. And up until now, I read books. Now I am able to buy more books, one book per month or two if new released or brand new.

I enjoy reading books any time of the day. I also enjoy writing and crocheting.

I also love traveling. I was able to start traveling just last February. As much as I love traveling, I never had a real traveling experience before until February. I enjoy traveling.

I guess, that’s about it.

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