BOOK HAUL: February 2017

Hello there! Last month you would have noticed that I didn’t have a book haul. This month, I have finally purchased a book or two or more. I bought two books from an Instagram seller. The transaction was quick and the shipping was also quick. It took two days for the books to arrive after... Continue Reading →

[BOOK HAUL] December 2016

Good day BiblioBears! After a long holiday, it's the time of the month again that I share to you the books I got this month. I have posted a different haul for the books I got during the Christmas season. But if you haven't seen it, I'll include it here or you can head over... Continue Reading →


Hello there BiblioBears!!! Sorry for being inactive for the holiday. With that, I have a Christmas book haul for you. This month would probably be my largest book haul month, that's why I decided to divide the haul. I'll be having my usually monthly book haul by the 31st. So this post would cover only... Continue Reading →

BOOK HAUL: November 2016

Here is my November book haul. I have only bought two books for the month of November. I am saving up for my December book haul. I want to buy books on Christmas and I want to receive books on Christmas too. I bought the two books from a bargain book store in our city... Continue Reading →

BOOK HAUL: October 2016

Me Before You I have heard nothing by great things about this book. And I am beyond excited to get started with it. As much as I have seen the movie around five times already, I am still looking forward to read the book. We all know how different the book and movie are. And... Continue Reading →

It’s the end of the month once again. Just four months before the year ends. I am here once again to share to you the books I’ve acquired over the month of August. At the start of the month, I have planned to have a book buying ban. But as the days passed, I can’t... Continue Reading →

Hello, my beloved bibliophiles! This month, I only accumulated 4 books, 1 of which is a prize from a giveaway and the other 3 were bought with the use of my own money from my own pocket.     The first book I bought was The One by Kiera Cass. This book has been in... Continue Reading →

  June Book Haul JUNE BOOK HAUL Good bye June and hello July! So June just ended and for the past 30 days, I was able to buy five (5) books, all from one store, BOOKSALE (Dumaguete branch). On the very first day of June, I went to Booksale with my sister and mother. I... Continue Reading →

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