WRAP-UP AND BOOK HAUL: September 2017

nd of the month once again.  This calls for another monthly wrap-up and book haul. This month was a hectic month for me, especially towards the end of the month because of all the course deadlines. However, that is something we will talk about in another blog post.



Hello bibliophiles!!! Last month, I got a very last minute package from an author that I've been dying to receive. Being a huge fan of a world wide boy band, I just have to review this book and read it for myself. I was glad that I didn't have to go to the post office... Continue Reading →

BOOK HAUL: June 2017

Hello bibliophiles! This month is probably the biggest book haul I ever had! I have 8 books in this book haul. Let's start with the books send to me by the authors in exchang for an honest review. Under Ground by Alice Rachel Losing Ground by Alice Rachel Terrence Short Story by Alice Rachel Enchantment:... Continue Reading →

BOOK HAUL: February 2017

Hello there! Last month you would have noticed that I didn’t have a book haul. This month, I have finally purchased a book or two or more. I bought two books from an Instagram seller. The transaction was quick and the shipping was also quick. It took two days for the books to arrive after... Continue Reading →

[BOOK HAUL] December 2016

Good day BiblioBears! After a long holiday, it's the time of the month again that I share to you the books I got this month. I have posted a different haul for the books I got during the Christmas season. But if you haven't seen it, I'll include it here or you can head over... Continue Reading →


Hello there BiblioBears!!! Sorry for being inactive for the holiday. With that, I have a Christmas book haul for you. This month would probably be my largest book haul month, that's why I decided to divide the haul. I'll be having my usually monthly book haul by the 31st. So this post would cover only... Continue Reading →

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