WRAP UP: Spring #ReadathonByZoe 2018 + Experience

Hello bibliophiles. So #ReadathonByZoe just concluded and I have made myself proud because of this readathon.Β  I'm letting you know that the #ReadathonByZoe was held last March 3rd and it took me more than a week to write this blog. This is my very first time joining any sort of reading challenge that requires me... Continue Reading →


TBR: Spring #ReadathonByZoe 2018

Hello bibliophiles!Β  I completely forgot that I was going to take part in my very first 24 hour readathon. I have not prepared myself because I have tons of things to do by tomorrow, which it the start of the readathon. #ReadathonByZoe is a 24 hour reading challenge in which you have to read at... Continue Reading →

Popular Books I Haven’t Read

Hello bibliophiles! Before I share to you the popular books I haven't read, let me tell you a story of how I become a reader and how that time I didn't read the most popular books. Being a bibliophile, it is expected that I have read the popular books in my generation.Β  But, unfortunately, I... Continue Reading →

[BOOKISH TIPS] Reading Slump

Hello bibliophiles! I'm starting a nee series in my blog in which I'll share so tips about anything bookish. These may be tips that I founded on my own or those that other people have suggested me to do. Our first topic is reading slump. No matter what we do, we always end up experiencing... Continue Reading →

Twenty Questions Book Tag

Hello bibliophiles! I've been very busy last week and failed to post a book tag. But here it is! I found this tag while scrolling through Thrice Read, Twenty Questions Book Tag. I've been enjoying going through their old posts and just read my heart out. I stumbled upon this tag and decided to do... Continue Reading →

[BOOK TAG] Birthday Book Tag

Hello bibliophiles! I came across this tag from Thrice Reads. And I was like, why not do this tag because it's my birthday after all. So let's get on with the BIRTHDAY BOOK TAG: 1. Count Your Birthday Along Your Bookshelf and Then Subtract Your Birth Month: And the chosen book is the new cover... Continue Reading →

2017 Reads

Hello bibliophiles! 2017 just ended and year 2018 is gracing us now! I cannot believe it's 2018 already. As the new year is here, I'll be sharing to you the books I read that I really loved and enjoyed. I have rated a lot of books with five stars but from that list, I have... Continue Reading →

[BOOK TAG] Star Wars Book Tag

Hello there bibliophiles! In honor of the upcoming release of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, I'm doing the Star Wars book tag! Feel free to do this tag. (To some places/countries, it is already released!) Darth Vader | A book that started out good but burned itself in the end The first book that... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just a few days away and I thought why not share to you guys the things that I badly want to receive this Christmas or just any time of the year. I will be listing just the top 10 things I want to receive or things I wanna experience before or after Christmas... Continue Reading →

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