TBR: Spring #ReadathonByZoe 2018

Hello bibliophiles!  I completely forgot that I was going to take part in my very first 24 hour readathon. I have not prepared myself because I have tons of things to do by tomorrow, which it the start of the readathon. #ReadathonByZoe is a 24 hour reading challenge in which you have to read at... Continue Reading →



Another month, another hopeful to be read list! ♥ Hello bibliophiles. It's the third month of the year already! Can you believe it? The days are passing by so much and I feel like I'm slacking off! Over the past two months I have achieved reading 11 books and that is already great for me. But I... Continue Reading →

FEBRUARY To-Be-Read List

Gotta start following my TBR list from now on. You might know me that I don't really follow my TBR list through out the month. So this year, I'm going to make my TBR list as realistic as possible and I will do my absolute best to read the books on the list and just... Continue Reading →

JANUARY Wrap-Up and Book Haul

It's that time of the month again and these kinds of posts are my favorite thing to write. Last year, I've been doing so short and none sense wrap-ups and it's making me feel awful. So this year, I'll make my wrap-ups, book hauls and TBR properly and more meaningful and worthwhile. So let's end... Continue Reading →

WRAP-UP & TBR [Nov-Dec 2017]

Hello bibliophiles! It's that time of the month once again. Imma share the books I've read this month and the month I plan to read next month. NOVEMBER WRAP-UP Let's start with the books I was able to read and enjoyed this month. LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins Just like the... Continue Reading →

TBR: November 2017

Hey there!!! I know I'm super late with this month's to be read blog but I still wish to share to you the books I plan to read and give you my initial thoughts about these books. First up on my TBR list is BOY BAND by Jacqueline E. Smith. I have started this book... Continue Reading →

WRAP-UP AND BOOK HAUL: September 2017

nd of the month once again.  This calls for another monthly wrap-up and book haul. This month was a hectic month for me, especially towards the end of the month because of all the course deadlines. However, that is something we will talk about in another blog post.

TBR: September 2017

Hello Bibliophiles!!! I'm the kind of person who plans out her life in advance but never get the chance to actually follow through. But I still do my best to follow my plans. So today, I'll be sharing to you a few books that I plan to continue and finish reading and the books that... Continue Reading →

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