JULY 2018: TBR List

Hello bibliophiles! Looks like I'm a day late in formulating my tbr list for the month. But my list is simple and short and won't be too over the top and ambitious. This month I intend to read at least four books, three of which is just going to be a reread. The other one... Continue Reading →


TBR: April 2018

Hello bibliophiles! I am a days late with my TBR but this time around, I won't be too ambitious. Because last month I wasn't able to read that much, I'm planning to finish the books that I have started. So the first book that I read but haven't finish yet is Three Little Words. I... Continue Reading →

TBR: Spring #ReadathonByZoe 2018

Hello bibliophiles!  I completely forgot that I was going to take part in my very first 24 hour readathon. I have not prepared myself because I have tons of things to do by tomorrow, which it the start of the readathon. #ReadathonByZoe is a 24 hour reading challenge in which you have to read at... Continue Reading →


Another month, another hopeful to be read list! ♥ Hello bibliophiles. It's the third month of the year already! Can you believe it? The days are passing by so much and I feel like I'm slacking off! Over the past two months I have achieved reading 11 books and that is already great for me. But I... Continue Reading →

FEBRUARY To-Be-Read List

Gotta start following my TBR list from now on. You might know me that I don't really follow my TBR list through out the month. So this year, I'm going to make my TBR list as realistic as possible and I will do my absolute best to read the books on the list and just... Continue Reading →

WRAP-UP & TBR [Nov-Dec 2017]

Hello bibliophiles! It's that time of the month once again. Imma share the books I've read this month and the month I plan to read next month. NOVEMBER WRAP-UP Let's start with the books I was able to read and enjoyed this month. LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins Just like the... Continue Reading →

TBR: November 2017

Hey there!!! I know I'm super late with this month's to be read blog but I still wish to share to you the books I plan to read and give you my initial thoughts about these books. First up on my TBR list is BOY BAND by Jacqueline E. Smith. I have started this book... Continue Reading →

TBR: September 2017

Hello Bibliophiles!!! I'm the kind of person who plans out her life in advance but never get the chance to actually follow through. But I still do my best to follow my plans. So today, I'll be sharing to you a few books that I plan to continue and finish reading and the books that... Continue Reading →

TO-BE READ: May 2017

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s been awhile since I last made a to-be read list. I’m such an indecisive person. I hate the fact that I can’t decide which book to read first. I can’t seem to choose my priority. Now I have decided to start with the books sent to me by authors or publishers.... Continue Reading →

TBR: March 2017

Hello there! Third post of the week! And probably another one tomorrow. Now I’ll be sharing the books I intend to read for this month. I am planning to read at least 6 books. It’s a bit ambitious but I’ll do my best to read all of them. Final exams are in this month, so... Continue Reading →

MONTHLY TBR: February 2017

Hello there bibliophiles! It's February now, the love month! I have planned reading a lot of books that has been on my TBR pile for soooooo long. So today, I'm sharing you the around 6-8 books. #1 A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas #2 Holding Ground by Alice Rachel #3 The... Continue Reading →

December Wrap-Up and January TBR

Hello there BibilioBears! Today I'll be sharing my December reads and my January TBR. Let's get to it right away. DECEMBER WRAP-UP Last December I've only read three books and lemme tell you, the other one is not even a book. I am disappointed with myself but at least I was able to read some... Continue Reading →

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