WRAP-UP: February 2017

Hello there! I am back for another end of the month posts. February is about to end and I would love to share to you the books I was able to read for the month. Unfortunately I was only able to read 3 books.  Such an embarrassing number compared to last month. I was having... Continue Reading →


MONTHLY WRAP-UP: January 2017

Hello there bibliophiles! January is coming to an end. It’s time for each of us to share the books we were able to read for the month of January. This month was productive reading month for me. I was able to read 8 books. Two of which are novellas while the other six are actually... Continue Reading →

December Wrap-Up and January TBR

Hello there BibilioBears! Today I'll be sharing my December reads and my January TBR. Let's get to it right away. DECEMBER WRAP-UP Last December I've only read three books and lemme tell you, the other one is not even a book. I am disappointed with myself but at least I was able to read some... Continue Reading →


I feel ashamed, embarrassed, disappointed, and frustrated with myself this month. I was too ambitious. I was too excited. I was too prideful. Who would have thought that I am only able to read to TWO books this month? Who would have thought? I have created a TBR list for the month but I failed... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of the month once again where I share the books I’ve read in the past 31 days. For a quick overview of the books I’ve read: I was able to read 4 books and one ebook. And just so you know, I won’t be saying much about the books. I know a... Continue Reading →

Hello once again bibliophiles! I have read a total of 6 books this month, two books which I’ve read at the end of June but was able to finish it by July. And the rest of the 4 books are from my July TBR list! I am so glad that I was able to finish... Continue Reading →

  June Book Haul JUNE BOOK HAUL Good bye June and hello July! So June just ended and for the past 30 days, I was able to buy five (5) books, all from one store, BOOKSALE (Dumaguete branch). On the very first day of June, I went to Booksale with my sister and mother. I... Continue Reading →

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