Hello there readers. Just a few weeks ago, I encountered someone doing this specific book tag and decided to try it out. I have listed all the books I wished to read in my whole life time. I have at least 9 books listed, so let’s get started before I ramble about non-bookish related things.... Continue Reading →


Hello there! It’s been a while since I last posted a book mail. I have received book mails or other mails these past few weeks. I never got to blog about them because they were just local mails. Books I bought from an IG seller and some bullet journal materials. I have decided to only... Continue Reading →

TBR: March 2017

Hello there! Third post of the week! And probably another one tomorrow. Now I’ll be sharing the books I intend to read for this month. I am planning to read at least 6 books. It’s a bit ambitious but I’ll do my best to read all of them. Final exams are in this month, so... Continue Reading →

BOOK HAUL: February 2017

Hello there! Last month you would have noticed that I didn’t have a book haul. This month, I have finally purchased a book or two or more. I bought two books from an Instagram seller. The transaction was quick and the shipping was also quick. It took two days for the books to arrive after... Continue Reading →

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