UNBOXING: The Crowns of Croswald

This is an over due unboxing. Please bare with me. I’ve been very busy with school and never got the time to write any blog post. Now that half of my school work are done, I can now focus on my blog and my bookstagram and of course, get back to reading more books!


Hello Bibliophiles!!!

This is an over due unboxing. Please bare with me. I’ve been very busy with school and never got the time to write any blog post. Now that half of my school work are done, I Processed with VSCO with m3 presetcan now focus on my blog and my bookstagram and of course, get back to reading more books!

Just last September, I received a gorgeous box from a publishing house (JKS Communication). The box is so gorgeous that I badly want to take out the huge sticker on top. I was glad it got removed and didn’t damage the gorgeous box in any way. Most of you might have already seen umboxings of this box but I can’t help but share it to you guys.

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So upon opening the box, the first thing that I saw was this gorgeous art print and a note which says “This magical box was personally created and boxed just for you by D.E. Night”. I feel so special with it (even though all of the reviewers who received this box got the same not.) Nonetheless, I still feel extra special.

The next I saw was these cute newspaper. At first thought it was just an ordinary newspaper to conceal what’s inside the box. But when I look at it closely I noticed that this newspaper has something to do with the book. Isn’t that a great way to make things inside the box coherent?

Once you open the newspaper up, the first thing I saw was this cute bottle wrapped in bubble wrap. I’ve seen a lot of people open this box already but I was still at awe when I saw it with my very own eyes, much more when I held it. At first I honestly didn’t know how to make it light up because it lights up, you guys! So when I looked inside the box, I saw this small note about how to make the Glanagerie bottle light up. It tells you how to make it light up and all. Reading it confused the heck of me. I still didn’t know how to make the bottle light up. So I tried turning the cap until it’s loose and a white paper fell out. And that paper was what the note was talking about. Stupid right?

I then saw a paper that tells us about the book inside the box and an author question and answer. Also, the facts about the book and when it was going to be released. Then the next thing I saw was the note about the origin of the Glanagerie bottle.

After that, I saw another note but this time, it’s the author’s letter to the readers, to us!

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And finally the book! The cover is just so beautiful! I can’t stop staring at it when I first laid eyes on it. And did I mention, I was in school when I first opened and saw it? It was awkward knowing that there are students inside the classroom already; and they were witnessing me just starring at a book they don’t know about. But I can’t help it! THE COVER IS TOO GORGEOUS NOT TO STARE AT IT! JUST LOOK AT THAT! Just look at the details!

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The book is THE CROWNS OF CROSWALD by D.E. Night.


In Croswald, the only thing more powerful than dark magic is one secret…

For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald’s mysterious gems. When Ivy’s magic––and her life––is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.

You can grab a copy this book now!

Get yours here:  Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

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So, this is what the whole box looks like in one photo!

A HUGE THANK YOU to JKS Communications for sending this box my way! I certainly cannot wait to read this book, I have it on my October TBR pile, so it would be soon!


I hope you enjoyed that unboxing of mine. I’ll have more unboxing in the near future!

Thank you and have a great day!



ARC BOOK REVIEW: Dream Me by Kathryn Berla

​Title: Dream Me

Author: Kathryn Berla

Format/Edition: Paperback (ARC)

Published: July 11, 2017

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

ISBN: 9781944995201


Zat is a dreamer from the distant future — a time when humans no longer dream and Earth is a desolate wasteland. He dreams of the beautiful Earth of the past, and a fiery-haired beauty named Babe. Against the wisdom of his peers, Zat decides to risk everything to travel back in time and live in Babe’s dreams…

Babe is the perpetual new girl in town. Her father’s job frequently moved the family around the country, and Babe just longs for a place to call home. As she settles into the sleepy town if Sugar Dunes, Florida, Babe begins to have strange dreams of a green-eyed boy named Zat. Night after night, Babe shows Zat her world. But the dreams come at the cost of nearly crippling migraines every morning. Babe’s life outside of her dreams pales in comparison to her growing love for Zat and their time spent together.

But the more time Babe and Zat spend together in her dreams, the more Babe’s pain increases, and Zat begins to question the reality of his existence. How can he live a life with Babe, when all they have is her dream?

Before I start my review, I’d like to thank Ms. Kathryn Berla for sending her book my way. I am so honored that she accepted my request.

Now with the review, my first thoughts of this book was it would be a fun and easy read. And it was. It took me a while to finish it because of my laziness and a reading slump.

I never thought that a dream can turn into a reality. Like we all know that our dreams has traces of real things but a person you only knew in a dream turns out to be real! Like what?! How is that even possible?!

This book made me think that the people we see in our dreams existed but we don’t personally know them in the waking life. We just dream about them because they just want to, I guess. This book is filled with so much imaginations and realism.

I honestly don’t like reading about the Earth being a wasteland in the future. I don’t want to think that it will happen because I want the beauty of our mother Earth gone. It’s too precious to become a wasteland. And also the fact that just because someone is donating huge amount of money into the organization, could get special treated and could get away with the wrong doings. It sucks that somehow our society is turning into that now.
I love Babe’s blog the most. As much as Babe’s blog is about her life, I can relate to it because I have a blog dedicated to my love for books. It’s nice to have a place where you can share your thoughts without anyone judging you.

I love the plot of the book so much. It makes us see that we shouldn’t take for granted our planet. It also makes us see that people being gay, lesbian or etc, gets discriminated by people. And also the fact that we tend to judge people because they are not rich. The gap between the wealthy and poor is so clear that you can’t ignore it.

The book is written beautifully and you can clearly see that the characters have development throughout the book. I also love that we get to see both Zat and Babe’s perspective without it being too overwhelming.

Overall, I love this book! I just wished I read faster. But oh well, at least I get to enjoy the ending!



Thank you for reading and have a great day! Don’t forget to grab a copy of Dream Me. It’s out today!

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BOOK REVIEW: Summer Unscripted by Jen Klein

Title: Summer Unscripted

Author: Jen Klein

Format: Paperback (ARC)

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Released Date: June 13, 2017

ISBN: 9781524700041

Girl looks for a sign. Enter: Boy

Rainie doesn’t have a “passion” like her friends do. She’s more of a dabbler–quick to give up and move on. But as graduation approaches, she wishes she had more direction. So when gorgeous Tuck gives a monologue that literally puts into words exactly how she’s been feeling lately, it’s a sign! Tuck is her passion. How could she not have seen it before?

Girl follows Boy. Enter: Second boy.

Rainie convinces her ex-BFF to let her work at the same summer job as Tuck. She’s got a foolproof plan to date him. But when she arrives, Rainie discovers that things aren’t so simple. And she meets Milo, a super-cute boy who also works with her. A boy with a complicatef past.

Girl need to figure stuff out. Enter: Drama.

I’d like to thank our local bookstore for picking me as one of the winners to receive this ARC.

I started reading this book with the thoughts that this book would be cliché and that it would be a fun and quick read. I love reading books with a summer vibes to it but this book didn’t have one. And as much as the cover has the summer vibes, the story didn’t. But it the book was fun to read though. It took me over a month to finish because I was out and about during the summer break.

The entire story is something new to me because it was my first time reading a book with a theater as the main setting of the entire story. It was also my first time reading about Greek mythology. (Shame on me for not reading the Percy Jackson yet!)

 I love the friendship between Ella and Rainie in this story. I somehow can relate to it because I used to have a friend that wasn’t my friend for a long time. Then just recently we became friends. And that’s how their friendship played out in the story.

The romance part of the book was fun and was also complicated. I sometimes laugh at how oblivious and annoying Rainie was and how she’s so dedicated to date this certain guy. Then this complication between Ella and the guy Rainie fancies.

I believe the book is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you get excited over the monologue of Tuck. Then you’ll get annoyed because Rainie just befriend an old friend to take advantage of her. It just goes on and on and on. All the ups and downs of the story was worth the month of devouring it.

So I recommend this book if you are up for a roller coaster ride during the summer break, in the comforts of your own home or bedroom. Pick it up now!


Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead, book dragons! Bye!